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About Our Journal:

For 40 years, The Skin Cancer Foundation has been educating the public and medical community on the relationship between the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays and skin cancer. For 38 of those years, our annual Journal has been sharing advice from top experts on the importance of prevention, early detection and prompt treatment, as well as personal stories from those who have experienced skin cancer. 

Our articles are written in easy-to-understand language for a public audience, and edited with great care for timeliness, fact-checking and medical review. As you see on our cover, skin cancer is the cancer you can see, and early detection is the key! That’s the theme of this issue, and you’ll see mirrors throughout its pages.

Similar to an annual report, the magazine also highlights the Foundation’s programs and events, as well as our members and donors who support our efforts to fight the world’s most common cancer. 

Some issue highlights:

  • Early Detection Starts with You! The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Big See campaign teaches people to look for anything new, changing or unusual on their skin. Those three simple words are changing the game and saving lives! By Victoria Kopec 
  • Sidelined by Skin Cancer? Not for long! Luckily Josh Paschal, a University of Kentucky defensive lineman, saw something on the bottom of his foot and said something. He didn’t let his aggressive, rare type of melanoma bench him for good. With lots of support from his teams (medical and football), he tackled his grueling treatments like a warrior and fought his way back onto the playing field. By Gary Goldenberg 
  • Rossen Rescues Rossen Sometimes the hero of the story is the one who keeps an eye on your skin and pushes you to see a dermatologist. By Jeff Rossen
  • How to Do a Self-Exam Our Big See campaign recommends that you do a skin self-exam every month. Find a mirror and follow our five easy steps for early detection. 
  • 10 (Mostly Inexcusable) Excuses for Delaying a Skin Check We’ve heard them all, and here are the motivating reasons why you should make an appointment anyway. By Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD 
  • Special Section: Innovations in Skin Protection After sheltering in place, let’s face it, the sun feels good! Protecting your exposed skin with sunscreen is just as important as ever, though. Luckily, new products and formulations not only shield you from the UV radiation that leads to skin cancer, but may help your skin in other ways, too. By Julie Bain and Julia Langer 
  • Can Viruses Lead to Skin Cancer? The word “virus” is top of mind, and while we aren’t talking about COVID-19 here, emerging evidence shows a link between the human papillomavirus (HPV) and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin. Viruses may play a role in other skin cancers, too. Here’s what we know so far. By Meghan Rabbitt 

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