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The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal 2019 40th Birthday Special Issue - PDF Download

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The Skin Cancer Foundation is celebrating its 40 years of service! For 37 of those years, our annual magazine, The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal, has been sharing advice from experts on skin cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, as well as personal stories from those who have experienced skin cancer. It also highlights the Foundation’s members, donors, programs and events that all support our efforts to fight the world’s most common cancer.

In this special issue, we are celebrating our past accomplishments as well as taking readers ahead of the curve into the future. Some issue highlights:

• We’re Turning 40! In our birthday section, Scientific Director Mark Teich reveals his top 10 list of the SCF’s accomplishments. Check out our photo gallery of celebrity supporters, plus wishes and hopes for the next decade from our members, partners and friends.

• Dermatologists Have the Answers You asked about eyelid cancers, tattoos, the gender gap and skin of color. Experts Désirée Ratner, MD, Ariel Ostad, MD, Jeremy Brauer, MD, and Andrew Alexis, MD, answered.

• Finding Her Footing For Witney Carson, the diagnosis came at the worst possible time — and on the worst possible spot for a dancer: her foot. Battling melanoma could have threatened her passion and even her life, but it only made her stronger. By Kenneth Miller

• What’s the Sunscreen Situation? Given recent news reports, you may be wondering if sunscreens are safe for you and your family, as well as the planet. Expert Elizabeth Buzney, MD, a member of our Photobiology Committee, helps sort it all out. By Lorraine Glennon

• The Clock Starts … Now! One of the top search phrases on The Skin Cancer Foundation’s website (SkinCancer.org) is, “Can I leave my skin cancer alone?” Leonard H. Goldberg, MD, and Julie K. Karen, MD, answer why, when you’ve been diagnosed with a skin cancer, time is of the essence. By Julie Bain

Early Detection Starts with You As we celebrate the 40th birthday of The Skin Cancer Foundation, we want you to open your eyes and look in the mirror with a simple new focus that could save your life. By Julie Bain and Becky Kamowitz


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