The Melanoma Letter Vol 37 Issue 3 (FREE Download)

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The Melanoma Letter, now in its 37th year of publication, is a quarterly newsletter featuring articles by prominent medical authorities. It is designed to keep clinicians, scientists and other health professionals up-to-date on advances in diagnosis and treatment, as well as basic research breakthroughs.

In This Issue

Our subject is the human microbiome — the microbes and their collective genomes that inhabit our bodies. In our lead story, Jennifer A. Wargo, MD, and colleagues present the latest research on the gut microbiome, the role it plays in patients’ response to immunotherapy and the investigations underway to modify it as a potential tool for melanoma treatment and prevention.

In a companion Q&A, Richard Gallo, MD, PhD, discusses his lab’s exciting early work on the skin microbiome. Dr. Gallo tells the story of how his team discovered a novel strain of skin bacteria that appears to selectively kill melanoma and other cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Dr. Gallo envisions the possibility of one day colonizing such bacteria on human skin and thereby modifying the skin microbiome as a melanoma preventive.